About us

Established in January 2017, Child&Chess facilitates, creates and leads the worldwide network of activities, which is dedicated to enhancing Children's Development, Happiness and Peace by means of Chess.

Child&Chess acts as a worldwide co-creator connecting various types of organizations within the field of chess. Through stakeholder management and best practices sharing, Child&Chess is able to effect positive change, and develop concepts and initiatives that improve the chess education and chess inclusion of children.

Our head office is located at Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

Chess for every Child

Child&Chess is a worldwide movement dedicated to bring chess to children for development, happiness and peace. We support projects delivering sponsored chess sets to underprivileged children.

Reaching children in 100+ countries with chess sets, chess education and chess playing opportunities in 2025.

Our strategy consists in combining our 2 main focus areas:

Driving the worldwide movement

Child&Chess drives the worldwide movement by means of:

  • giving people understanding of the positive effects of chess on individual children and on society
  • promoting integration of chess learning programs in children's education
  • supporting chess clubs and schools in attracting children for chess education and chess playing activities
  • giving as many children as possible the opportunity to learn and play chess
  • inspiring people by showing moments of happiness and concentration of children in the world playing chess
  • sharing best practices of chess initiatives, aiming for children playing chess
  • presenting chess-related CSR initiatives by companies, non-profits and individuals

Supporting chess-for-children projects

Child&Chess supports projects by means of:

  • determining target groups of disadvantaged children, in partnership with non-profits
  • finding sponsors of chess sets
  • ordering and delivering chess sets to the children
  • monitoring and presenting the results of the project
  • returning value towards the sponsors by photo material and online promotion

Child&Chess Target Groups
We focus on 4 target groups:
1 - Children confronted with armed conflicts
2 - Underprivileged children
3 - Girls
4 - Privileged children

Child&Chess is founded by Lucas den Boer